PicoAPRS - World's smallest APRS Transceiver by DB1NTO

PicoAPRS V3 is here and is about 27% smaller than V2!
Since firmware V014 NEW: Autonomous (stand allone) Fill-in Digipeater WITHOUT PC!
This made the world's smallest APRS transceiver even smaller and above all considerably thinner than its predecessor.
The board has been redesigned for the most part.
The GPS module now also supports GLONASS. This allows greater accuracy in street canyons, in forests and valleys.
Despite smaller dimensions and lower weight there is no compromise in the TX / RX performance and it is the same firmware as the V2 installed.
But look at the pictures below. As you know, pictures say more than 1000 words ...

NEW! PicoAPRS-Lite! Smaller, cheaper, easier and much easier!    

   The PicoAPRS-Lite is smaller, much cheaper, simpler and much lighter (only about 7 grams!).
   So light that you can send him on a helium balloon with APRS payload on world trip!
   Or as a stratosphere (High Altitude) balloon. The used GPS module works up to an incredible 80km!
   You can also use it as an APRS tracker for all other APRS purposes. Whether on foot, by bike, car, boat, plane, etc. and so on
   He is so efficient that he works with a tiny solar cell and buffer capacitors
   From about 3mA, (yes, three milliamperes!) Energy supply, this tiny can start operation!
   On board is still a temperature and air pressure sensor. The values ​​are also transmitted with!
   Can he even be used as a solar powered remote "weather station"
   Fully automatic or manual frequency setting (144 - 146MHz), 0.5 / 1W TX, battery, solar or USB power supply.
   Over the oceans will be broadcast on automatic frequency selection on the frequency of the International Space Station (ISS).

   You can now order the PicoAPRS-Lite on WiMo. Link to the shop: http://www.wimo.com

What is this?

PicoAPRS in magazines (klick to open den article or title page).

PicoAPRS in Swiat Radio 12 2017 PicoAPRS in Hamspirit PicoAPRS in CQ Ham Radio Japan 11 2017 PicoAPRS in QST / USA september 2018

PicoAPRS Firmware update available! >>> downloads <<<<

Hardware version V3 available! Now about 27% smaller as V2!

PicoAPRS is NOW available by Wimo!. http://www.wimo.com

PicoAPRS is NOW availible by Funk24!. http://www.funk24.net

NEW: PicoAPRS is NOW available by DX Engineering!. https://www.dxengineering.com/parts/wmo-picoaprs

According to previous findings, PicoAPRS is the world's smallest APRS transceiver with built-in KISS-TNC and since the firmware version V014 also a stand allone "Fill-In APRS Digipeater!". It is not only a tracker that can send position data, but also a receiver which can receive APRS messages from other APRS stations, decode them and display on its full graphics OLED display (128x64px)! This includes APRS position messages incl. Comment (also mic-e compressed), messages (like SMS) and status messages. For position messages, the distance and the direction of this station are displayed in "degrees".
On request, the PicoAPRS works as a completely self-contained APRS "Fill-In Digipeater". This means that it receives APRS packets from other stations and passes them on to the next station. This allows APRS to close coverage gaps. For example, on a fieldday or in the mountains.
Furthermore, PicoAPRS can now also be used as a KISS TNC with e.g. Uiview32, YAAC (Yet another APRS Client), and so on. This makes it easy to build an autarchic APRS iGate or Digipeater!

With the PicoAPRS, you can also retire your POCSAG pager! PicoAPRS is not only able to receive messages (similar to an SMS) but also to send messages itself.
Received messages are quoted by the PicoAPRS (ack) so that the sender receives a delivery report. This can not be a POCSAG pager.
When you receive a message, you can answer it directly by pressing a button. In addition to ready-made texts, you can also enter a completely individual text
But it was not yet! With the PicoAPRS you can also send messages to e-mail addresses and even receive e-mails. This is just as easy as sending normal messages to other callsigns. How this works exactly is described in www.aprs-is.net.
And something else: The PicoAPRS offers you the possibility to send an e-mail with your www.aprs.fi link. So you can send a link in advance, which you can follow live on the map. Worldwide, without SIM card, without mobile network, without smartphone or PC. Just right from your PicoAPRS!

The PicoAPRS is even smaller than most pagers. Look at the photos!
Why the goal to build the smallest APRS transceiver?
Well, I love technical challenges!
And why still?
Quite simply: the part can always be with you! When hiking, walking, jogging, mountaineering, cycling, skiing / snowboarding, motorcycling or in weather / high altitude balloons and so on.

Some screenshots from PicoAPRS:

My biggest thanks goes to Mark (OZ7TMD) -> http://unsigned.io/ of me with his "MicroModem" and the free software "LIBAPRS" has enabled this transceiver at all.
Thanks also a lot to Bob Bruninga, WB4APR! Without Bob there would be no APRS! APRS & Mic-Encoders are registered trademarks of Bob Bruninga, WB4APR.

What users of PicoAPRS say about the device:

ON8SD on Instagram:
ON8SD: It was worth the waiting! PicoAPRS , the smallest APRS-transceiver in the world is working like a charm! DB1NTO had done a fantastic job! Next stop, trying to find a good antenna to get the most of the 1W output because this one has to become an emergency device while trailrunning!

Peter, DL9DAK has tested the PicoAPRS. His conclusion:
The PicoAPRS is definitely worth the money. The PicoAPRS is extremely compact - even compared to the compact Yaesu FT2D, the PicoAPRS still lives up to its name. [...] Summarizing one can certify the small APRS transceiver the grade highly recommendable. A complete and readable article is available at https://www.afundr.de/technik/30-picoaprs-von- db1nto to find

Measurements on the PicoAPRS with a SIGLENT SSA3032x Spektrum Analyzer.
Built-in, high-quality low-pass filter in PicoAPRS. Mostly not available in cheap Chinese APRS trackers. But should be!

1 Watt output power of the PicoAPRS. No significant losses in RX and TX thanks to high quality low pass filter.
About my transceiver was reported on numerous sites. Some of them are below. Thanks for the reporting about my Transceiver!

Core of this Transceivers is a ATmega 1284p Microkontroller (similar to „Arduino“).

The Transceiver is about so small like a matchbox (only about 1,8 x 3,3 x 5,6 cm!), weights incl. battery & case (without antenna) round about 44 gramms and contails followed components:

Who am i?

Taner Schenker
Taner Schenker
Licenced amateur radio operator since March 2000 with callsign DB1NTO.
I am repairing and developing electronics since more than 20 years.

The PicoAPRS is manufactured by WiMo and marketed worldwide.
Directly to the PicoAPRS in the shop:

In the USA, the PicoAPRS can be purchased from DX ENgineering https://www.dxengineering.com/parts/wmo-picoaprs

The Transceiver

Here are a few photos of the PicoAPRS (click to enlarge)...

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